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Dec 6, 2012 12:00pm EST
who could just not sit quietly, who had to take up the cause. in the 2010 election cycle, he was one of the strongest voices this he had would a lost our way -- that we'd lost our way in washington. jim is a kind, sincere man, an individual who is a joy to be around. when it comes to what's going on in america, jim understands that if we don't make some changes we're going to lose our way of life. that's what's driven him above all else, to try to keep our country a place to be place where you can be anything. i look forward to working with jim in the private sector. from a personal point of view, we've had a great ride together. it has been fun. it has been challenging, and i think we put south carolina on the map in different ways at different times, and to people back in south carolina, i hope if you get to see jim anytime soon, just say "thank you." because whether you agree with him or not, he was doing what he thought was best for south carolina and the united states. at the end of the day, that's as good as it gets. because if you're doing what you really believe in and you're
Dec 3, 2012 8:30am EST
election is really fabulous >>host: continent is so expensive -- ponte >>guest: looks6 c13 a tuxedo jacket like you would get in the mall, this is nicer than the ones that you get in the mall. i have a larger bust so i need extra wrgive res to everything that a real woman is. i feel so strong and powerful it is amazing how close can make you feel good. this speaks to everyone. if you do not only blazer you have to get one now this one is one >>host: i want everybody to see: my mic box is giving me trouble >>host: is live television >>guest: this is a really good length.[laughter] is being a bad boy right out i think it fell down pepperi the. pockets id is tied back to the top that is great you could wear this all different kinds of ways and is coming up you can complete look in many different ways you could wear blazer open for comfort. there are many different ways to wear this and look good. this >>host: i do not blame it they are calling this skydiver blue. it is 38.5 in. that is a length with the ponte knit you have princess seams and functional pockets >>guest: maybe i am
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2